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Staff Transport

Drifter has held numerous exclusivity agreements with hotels, catering service providers and other corporate entities for the provision of staff transport services in its forty years of experience in the field. Our belief is that punctuality and passenger safety are key. On the one hand, late transport makes for operational headaches. On the other hand, an unsafe service makes for an unhappy workforce.

What our partners say about us...

G3 Group

"Excellent service and cooperation with Drifter for over 20 years! Consistency and innovation with the passengers’ comfort and safety at the forefront. Easy to work with, reliable and efficient!"
- Malcolm Grima | Sales & Marketing Manager

Ramla Bay Resort

"Drifter has been providing service to our Guests and directly to us for over 10 years. The collaboration, efficiency and punctuality is always excellent and impeccable."
- Henri Mattocks | General Manager

Radisson Blu Golden Sands

A key solution in recent years is our bespoke browser-based booking platform which allows our partners to place user- and password-protected bookings. This minimizes needless, time-consuming phone and email exchanges during busy spells and allows for instant invoice reports for your accounts department to keep track of expenses. The system allows for multiple pick-up and drop-off points and is a closed network that displays your booking in real-time to our operation’s team for prompt planning and dispatch.

To learn more about our staff transportation offering, or to try out a demo of our reservation platform, please send us an email to operations@drifter.com.mt and we will write back to you promptly.

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