Delivery Service

Our delivery service might be a novelty for us, but the care and attention we lavish on it are far from new to our business.

We offer our business partners same day as well as timeframe deliveries that keep to your budget and can be negotiated to your business’ needs. We also operate using an internal dispatch system that instantaneously sends delivery bookings to our drivers once your instructions have been processed by our always-available 24-hour dispatch team.

The below are two of the business’ we have proudly partnered with to deliver their goods to our mutual clients.

Vincent's Eco Estate

"Over the past troubling months (COVID-19), Drifter has proven to be an essential part of our delivery service. Apart from that, the team has always been very kind, understanding and accommodating to our needs! "
- Daniel Pisani | Shop Manager

Toby's Toymaster

"We have been happily working with Drifter for more than a year now. We love their constant excellence service, can-do attitude and above all, going out of there way to help and resolve all issues in any situation. We feel that they are our partners, not just our service providers."
- Stefan Casaletto | Managing Director

Contact us directly on operations@drifter.com.mt to discuss with a member of our team and we will find a rate that matches your business requirements.

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