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Drifter - Car Rentals in Malta

We believe holiday car rental in Malta should be fun, relaxing...and free of any nasty surprises at the end of your stay. Discover how the car rental process works, and all you need to know (and pack) before you start your adventure.

Start your Engines!

After landing in Malta, or when visiting one of our outlets, you will be greeted by your Drifter representative and shown to your car. At this stage:

  1. We will process the pre-authorization hold on your card (terms and conditions).
  2. Carry out the payment of the rental unless you have otherwise done so online.
  3. Sign the car hire agreement.
  4. Document the vehicle's fuel level, mileage, and any pre-existing damage present on your car or scooter using a time-stamped video capture application.
    Note: The application used sends the captured video to your email address automatically. Feel free to check your email inbox after this step is completed to ensure you have received the video and ask your agent to assist you in case you encounter any issues.
  5. We will repeat step 4 at the end of your rental.
    Note: If you are absent at the time of the return of the car or scooter, we kindly ask you to take your own time-stamped video of the vehicle before leaving the island, including the fuel level and mileage so that it can be compared to our own video taken at the time of the vehicle's return in your absence. Drifter operates on a same-to-same fuel policy - the car must be returned with the same level of fuel as on delivery of the vehicle.

What you need

  1. An internationally recognized drivers' license - the document should list the category that corresponds to the vehicle you have chosen to hire: either an E.U. (or equivalent) B category license for cars, or an E.U. (or equivalent) A or A1 category license for our 125cc scooters.
  2. A credit / debit card able to cover the excess amount displayed on our checkout screen – ahead of payment - for the vehicle/s chosen. Our excess is amongst the cheapest on the island and ranges from a minimum of €395- on Economy cars to €700- on Comfort models.

Note: We do not accept Maestro cards for the pre-authorization hold as these are not covered by our credit card provider.

If an excess waiver is purchased (where applicable), we will carry out a pre-authorization hold of €105 to cover for any fine/s or contravention/s received during your rental. This pre-authorization hold is NOT carried out for those who decide not to purchase an excess waiver or excess reducer - it is covered by the hold placed on your card for the excess amount and not charged over and above this amount.

Do you have any questions about drivers’ licences and your eligibility to drive in Malta? Send us a message using the Contact button at the top of this page, or the Facebook Messenger button in the bottom right of your device's screen, and we will happily check for you.

Are you Insured?

Optional insurance covers include:

  • Excess waiver (to completely remove your liability in the event of an accident; where applicable), or
  • Excess reducer (to partially reduce your liability in the event of an accident; where applicable).
  • The above options can only be purchased by drivers aged between 25 and 69. For drivers aged between 21-24 and 69-75, these options are subject to our young and senior supplement conditions.
  • For more information about excess, please visit out terms and conditions page for a comprehensive explanation.
  • Our insurance policy only cover drivers drivers who are 21 years old or upwards, and not older than 76.

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