360° Sightseeing Trips in Malta

Have you been busy drawing up a list of things to see and do in Malta? Time management is important, especially when you are on holiday, and Malta is notorious for limited parking spaces and traffic. Let one of our drivers take care of those headaches for you and we guarantee that at our affordable hourly sightseeing rates you can get to all the destinations on your list in no time and without unnecessary hassle.

Whilst our tours are not guided, the perks of booking a 360° sightseeing trip with us is that you can fully customize your itinerary (with no mileage constraints within the timeframe you set) and enjoy the comforts of having your own air-conditioned car and experienced driver at your beck and call.

There is almost nowhere you can’t go in Malta and/or Gozo and we will also provide child seats for your children free of charge plus our own suggestions and recommendations if you are looking for inspiration. To find out more about our 360° sightseeing trips, including pricing and the terms of service, simply go to the Contact page on our website or use the Facebook Messenger button in the lower right of your device’s screen. One of our agents will gladly assist you with planning your day to get the most out of your trip. Lastly, visit our About Malta page to learn a thing or two about some of the places we recommend visiting and the major events that take place on the island.

Popeye Village - Highly recommended


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