Car Leasing

If you are looking for a car leasing company in Malta with 40 years of experience and a payment model catered to business owners, we believe you have come to the right place. When leasing from us we guarantee the below added value to your lease:

Unlimited Drivers per Vehicle (aged 25-69)

Do not tie yourself down to one driver per vehicle. Simply send us a scan of a valid driving license for one or more of your employees should the need arise and our 24-hour rental team will action it in little to no time. Turn your lease into an asset, not a hindrance.

Flexible Subscription Model

With our business leasing plan, you can turn on, pause*, or end your subscription at any time with no additional fees incurred. We understand COVID-19 has added another level of uncertainty to your operation and we do not wish to burden you with yet another long-term or inflexible commitment.

Low Excess / No Deposit Required

Through our market research we have learned that excess can be a barrier to opting for rental or leasing as a business solution. Contact a member of our rentals team on 21 52 35 35 or send an email to rentals@drifter.com.mt and we will walk you through our low excess rates and vehicle options.

Maintenance / Substitute Vehicles

If you encounter any mechanical issues with your Drifter vehicle/s, we guarantee our in-house garage staff will fix the issue, and at no extra costs. Substitute vehicles will be provided to ensure you can carry on with your operation.

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